Yellowstone River CMZ

This effort resulted in the development of a Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) map for the portion of the Yellowstone River that extends from the Gardiner near Yellowstone National Park, to its confluence with the Missouri River in McKenzie County, North Dakota, approximately 564 miles (DTM/AGI, 2009).  This mapping is just one part of a multi-year, multi-agency and multi-discipline effort, and supports the Yellowstone River Conservation District Council in their efforts developing best management practices and performing a cumulative effects assessment of the Yellowstone River corridor.  DTM and AGI have been involved with this effort for over six years.  Our contributions to the project include: developing geomorphic parameters and associated GIS data (AGI/DTM, 2004); imagery research, acquisition, georeferencing and mosaicing of two suites of historic imagery for the entire corridor; physical features mapping (DTM/AGI 2008); inundation modeling from LIDAR and other DEM sources (AGI/DTM, 2004); along with numerous other tasks.  Deliverables for the Yellowstone CMZ project included a series of 10 tiled county level maps defining the resulting CMZ, a detailed report and all GIS data associated with the mapping effort.

County-level Yellowstone River CMZ Maps are available HERE

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